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plantar wart removal

There Are Two Types of Plantar Warts:

  • A solitary wart is a single wart. It often increases in size and may eventually multiply, forming additional “satellite” warts.
  • Mosaic warts are a cluster of several small warts growing closely together in one area. Mosaic warts are more difficult to treat than solitary warts.

Plantar Wart | Symptoms

  • Thickened skin
  • Pain
  • Tiny black dots on the surface of the wart


The plantar wart virus is acquired in public places where people go barefoot, such as locker rooms, swimming pools, and karate classes. It can also be acquired at home if other family members have the virus. Plantar warts are caused by direct contact with the human papilloma virus (HPV); a benign virus.


To diagnose a plantar wart, Premier Podiatry Group will examine the patient’s foot and look for signs and symptoms of a wart as noted above.

The goal of treatment is to completely remove the wart.

At Premier Podiatry Group we use topical and oral treatments or surgery to remove the wart.

Although there are many folk remedies for warts, patients should be aware that these remain unproven and may be dangerous. Patients should never try to remove a wart themselves—this can do more harm than good.

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