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Diabetic Foot Care Tips

  • Get periodic foot exams – Premier Podiatry Group surgeons offer routine foot exams to help prevent the foot complications associated with diabetes
  • Inspect your feet daily
  • Was your feet in lukewarm – NO HOT WATER!
  • Be gentle when bathing your feet
  • Moisturize your feet, but not between your toes
    DON’T moisturize between the toes—this could encourage a fungal infection.
  • Cut nails carefully and straight across
  • Never trim corns or calluses
    No “bathroom surgery”, let your doctor do the job
  • Wear clean, dry socks daily
  • Avoid the wrong type of socks
  • Wear socks to bed
    NEVER use a heating pad or hot water bottle
  • Shake out your shoes and inspect the inside before wearing
  • Keep your feet warm and dry
  • Never walk barefoot
  • Take care of your diabetes
  • Don’t smoke

People with diabetes are prone to many foot problems, often because of two complications of diabetes: nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor blood circulation. Neuropathy causes loss of feeling in your feet, taking away your ability to feel pain and discomfort, so you may not detect an injury or irritation. Poor circulation in your feet reduces your ability to heal, making it hard for even a tiny cut to resist infection.

When you have diabetes, you need to be aware of how foot problems can arise from disturbances in the skin, nails, nerves, bones, muscles, and blood vessels. Furthermore, in diabetes, small foot problems can turn into serious complications. You can do much to prevent amputation by taking two important steps: Follow the proactive measures discussed below—and follow up with Premier Podiatry Group regularly.

Diabetic Foot Care – What Premier Podiatry Group Can Do For You!

Our major goal is to prevent amputation. There are many new surgical techniques available to save feet and legs, including joint reconstruction and wound healing technologies. Getting regular foot checkups and seeking immediate help when you notice something can keep small problems from worsening. Your foot and ankle surgeon works together with other health care providers to prevent and treat complications from diabetes.

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