Here at Premier Podiatry Group we are proud to offer the Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant to patients who struggle with arthritis of the big toe, or hallux rigidus, and have not had success with non-surgical treatment methods. This is the most common arthritic condition of the foot and can be painful and restrict activities like walking and running.

The implant itself is a small cylindrical plug that is inserted between the two sides of the arthritic joint. Because the implant is made of a material with similar properties to cartilage, the implant is able to replace the damaged cartilage and provide a durable, low-friction surface for the big toe to move with less pain.

This treatment option is an alternative to more invasive toe fusion surgery, and provides relief from pain while preserving the movement within the joint. While research indicates that both toe fusion surgery and synthetic cartilage implant surgery provide similar benefits regarding pain reduction, toe fusion surgery does restrict the movement of the joint after the procedure making walking and balancing sometimes difficult. The synthetic cartilage implant surgery is minimally invasive and allows for more mobility of the joint and a quicker recovery time, making it the preferable option.

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